Thank you for visiting the homepage of Professor Shu-Li You’s group (U-Lab). The main research of U-Lab is to develop novel synthetic methodologies focusing on the enantioselective C-H bond direct functionalization processes and catalytic asymmetric dearomatization reactions. Catalytic reactions featuring high efficiency (in terms of yield, selectivity, atom economy, etc) are the ultimate goal of this laboratory, with the hope to provide useful methods for the total synthesis of natural products and functional molecules. We are also interested in developing practical synthetic routes of known drugs and finding new drug candidates based on our own methodologies.

– Prof. Shu-Li You

A new book “Asymmetric Functionalization of C-H Bonds” Edited by Prof. Shu-Li You has been published.


    U-Lab (Apr. 2014)

    The first row form left: Dr. Chao Zheng, Xiao Zhang, Wen-Ting Wu, Run-Duo Gao, Guo-Tai Li, Hang-Fei Tu, Jun-Jie Chen, Yong Zhou, Xi-Jia Liu.

    The second row from left: Prof. Shu-Li You, Qiang Cheng, Chuan Liu, Ke-Yin Ye, Shou-Guo Wang, Chun-Xiang Zhuo, Lin Huang, Jun-Wei Zhang, Xiao-Wei Liu, Wen Shao, Prof. Wei Zhang.

    The third row from left: De-Wei Gao, Prof. Qing Gu, Long Han, Jun Zheng, Shao-Bo Wang, Ren-Qi Xu, Zheng-Le Zhao, Qin Yin, Ze-Peng Yang, Xiao-Wei Liang.


    U-Lab (Apr. 2013)

    The first row from left: Prof. Shu-Li You, Zeng-Wei Lai, Yong Zhou, Xiao Zhang, Silvia Bartocci, Dr. Chao Zheng, Min-Qiang Jia, Guo-Tai Li, Run-Duo Gao, Prof. Wei Zhang.

    The second row from left: Ke-Jia Wu, Qing-Feng Wu, Chuan Liu, De-Wei Gao, Yan-Chao Shi, Zheng-Le Zhao, Long Han, Shou-Guo Wang, Jun-Wei Zhang,

    The third row from left: Ze-Peng Yang, Ke-Yin Ye, Chun-Xiang Zhuo, Qin Yin, Jun Zheng, Fang-Xu Sun, Zhuo-An Zhao.


    U-Lab (Apr. 2012)

    The first row from left: Prof. Shu-Li You, Quan Cai, Chao Zheng, Dr. Shun-Lin Gu, Min-Qiang Jia, Xiao Zhang, Cen Tang, Mei Xu, Hua Liu.

    The second row from left: Qing-Feng Wu, Ke-Yin Ye, Prof. Qing Gu, Yan-Chao Shi, Shou-Guo Wang, Prof. Wei Zhang, Chuan Liu, Dr. Yun-Nan Yan.

    The third row from left: Qing-Long Xu, Jun-Wei Zhang, Qiang Zhao, Chun-Xiang Zhuo, Zhuo-An Zhao, Qin Yin, Long Han, Bo Zhang, Xiao-Wei Liang.


    U-Lab (Mar. 2011)

    The first row from left: Ke-Jia Wu, Wen-Bo Liu, Min-Qiang Jia, Chao Zheng, Quan Cai, Qing-Feng Wu, Mi Zeng, Hua Liu, Jun-Wei Zhang, Prof. Shu-Li You.

    The second row from left: Zi-Qiang Rong, Chun-Xiang Zhuo, Qing-Long Xu, Ke-Yin Ye, Zhuo-An Zhao, Dr. Qing Gu, Qing Yin, Prof. Wei Zhang, Zhe Xu, Long Han.


    U-Lab (Mar. 2010)

    The first row from left: Hu He, Jun-Wei Zhang, Prof. Shu-Li You, Dr. Hong-Mei Peng, Wen-Bo Liu, Xiao Zhang, Mi Zeng.

    The second row from left: Yuan-Ming Li, Qing-Feng Wu, Ke-Jia Wu, Ji-Bao Xia, Dr. Qing Gu, Quan Cai, Yi Li.

    The third row from left: Zhe Xu, Zhuo-An Zhao, Zi-Qiang Rong, Qing-Long Xu, Chao Zheng.